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"For years everyone in this government agency has written in a bureaucratic, dull, lifeless style. Long-winded and tedious reports filled the in-trays and we were drowning in a sea of paper. The Electronic Writing Course shows any agency how to transform its writing style into clear and readable prose. I cannot think of one writer in this agency who would not benefit from going through this training."
- Employee Development Manager

Then, I highly recommend one or all three of my popular  craft-of-writing guides in the series, An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction: Captivate Your Readers ,   Fire up Your Fiction , and  Writing a Killer Thriller , all available in e-book or trade paperback. They’re only $ each for the e-books, or $ for the trade paperbacks. Reader-friendly and designed for busy writers, they’re highly skimmable and full of clear, concise, valuable advice for writing compelling fiction. And they’ll easily save you hundreds of dollars on editing fees . Seriously .

Editor writing

editor writing


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