Essay on rights tushnet

Recent years have seen increasing legal action from media conglomerates, who are actively protecting their intellectual property rights. Because of new technologies that make media easier to distribute and modify, fan labor activities are coming under greater scrutiny. Some fans are finding themselves the subjects of cease and desist letters which ask them to take down the offending materials from a website, or stop distributing or selling an item which the corporation believes violates their copyright. [40] As a result of these actions by media companies, some conventions now ban fan art entirely from their art shows, even if not offered for sale, and third party vendors may remove offending designs from their websites.

It is you who are buying into the modern construct of “sexual orientation” in an essentialist way and assuming that there really is this reified drive called heterosexuality which encompasses all dispositions involving the opposite-sex in an organic unity (ordered towards marriage presumably)…and that a similar or analogous set of emotional experiences surrounding the same sex must thus be “homosexuality” and must this be identified in some perverse logical consistency as being necessarily (dis)ordered towards (some impossible attempt at) the the dark “equal opposite” of its Straight counterpart.

Essay on rights tushnet

essay on rights tushnet


essay on rights tushnetessay on rights tushnetessay on rights tushnet