Essays for mba program

In business magazines, on TV, and in board rooms, “big data” and “data analytics” are hot topics. Interest is high as vast quantities of data are being generated these days, including new types of data such as web traffic, social network data, and reviews and comments on websites. This data is a valuable resource that, when used correctly, can create a not only a competitive edge for companies but can lead to better decision making in all sectors of society.
This is a first course in data analytics focusing on descriptive and predictive analytics. This course is intended to provide an introduction to the tools and techniques of data analytics that are central to the analysis of data, with a focus on classification and prediction. A particular emphasis will be placed on understanding the data analytics process, and the outputs of different methods; less attention will be placed on the analytical and algorithmic interpretation of details of the methodology. The focus will be on business applications and examples from Marketing, Finance, Healthcare, and Operations will be used to illustrate the breadth of applications of Data Analytics in Business.

Companies of all types are interested in individuals who have solid business skills, decision-making capabilities, and a good understanding of the latest information technology developments. They are looking for leaders who have the confidence and capability to bring new ideas in the search for greater organization efficiency. As part of the MBA program, you can complete the Supply Chain Management Concentration. This Concentration involves the integration of business processes across organizations, from material sources and suppliers through manufacturing and processing to the final customer. The Concentration provides you with an understanding of the role that the supply chain provides in enterprise competitiveness and overall strategy. The Concentration helps prepare you for careers with manufacturers, distributors, logistics service providers, and consulting firms. The curriculum provides the required theoretical/conceptual bases and analytical methods for making sound operational and strategic business decisions. You may take the supply chain management electives without pursuing the entire Concentration.

Essays for mba program

essays for mba program


essays for mba programessays for mba programessays for mba programessays for mba program