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In March 2011, Brandeis University 's Hillel organization voted not to accept the membership bid of the local campus chapter of JVP, citing JVP's association with the larger Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS). The decision, said the group's e-board, was founded on Hillel International's guidelines for inclusion. Upon review of JVP's statement of mission, past and proposed events, Hillel leadership was quoted saying, "While we understand that JVP at Brandeis considers itself a pro-Israel club, based on positions and programming JVP has sponsored, we do not believe that JVP can be included under Hillel's umbrella." [52] In response, JVP formulated a petition in favor of its inclusion in the Hillel that over a third of the student body signed. [53] [ unreliable source? ]

Hi everyone, I am a Jewish Woman who is currently enrolled in Stern College for Women and am entering my Junior year this fall b”h. Yeshiva University requires parents to take upon themselves a certain amount of loans called parent-loans, which my parents pay throughout the school year in monthly payments. However, my parents both came to America from Israel after serving in the army and do not have college degrees, and our financial situation is not great. In addition to the parent-loans, they have to pay yeshiva tuition for two of my younger brothers. They have invested so much into my and my siblings’ education and are so committed to providing us a quality education within a Jewish environment. However, they are really struggling right now and could use as much financial aid as they can get.
If anyone can give me any leads to resources that would be beneficial for me in terms of getting scholarships for college tuition, that would be extremely appreciated.
Thank you! Hatzlacha to all!

Jewish write essays on jewish humor

jewish write essays on jewish humor


jewish write essays on jewish humorjewish write essays on jewish humorjewish write essays on jewish humorjewish write essays on jewish humor