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After completing the core courses that provide a comprehensive grasp of the various aspects of international studies, you will participate in international field work coordinated and led by program faculty. As a continuation of your learning, the 3-week fieldwork and international travel experience provides a rich context for applying your academic knowledge, a social laboratory for conducting project observation and research, and a setting for establishing and deepening relationships with those residing in your chosen regional community.

After studying Law at Complutense University, I realized that I love Audiovisual Communication and decided to devote myself to my real vocation: filmmaking. I started by studying script in my hometown and continued my preparation at the New York Film Academy, where I lost the fear of saying: “action!”. Since then, I have investigated and experimented with the cinematographic narrative and all its different formats. I have directed, written and/or produced from feature films to TV commercials. Lately, my career has basically been centered on Corporate Videos and Documentary films with the completion of numerous works for very prestigious Companies and Networks as TVE, MULTICANAL, New Atlantis, and different Associations, Institutions and NGO’S.

It is important to remember to thank your referee . If it is an ex-employer, they are likely to be very busy and so giving gratitude for doing this extra task is certain to be looked upon positively. If it is an old teacher who is writing you a reference, why not take advantage to show your thankfulness on a day such as Teacher Appreciation Week 2012? It’s a perfect time to show your thanks because you’ll be able to find many ideas in articles relevant to the cause. Showing your appreciation for your teacher needn’t be through a grand gesture however. It can be a simple note describing the job you hope to get and how it will be putting to use all what your teacher has taught you (which of course you are very thankful for!). Always be polite when asking for a reference and give plenty of warning – remember the people you are asking have their own business to go about too. On sending your request for a reference, you should remember to be both patient and considerate whilst bearing in mind the referee is doing you a favour!

Thesis employer branding

thesis employer branding


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