Thesis on indole derivatives

When encapsulated in liposome nanoparticle , staurosporine is shown to suppress tumors in vivo in a mouse model without the toxic side effects which have prohibited its use as an anti-cancer drug with high apoptotic activity. Researchers in UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center develop a platform technology of high drug-loading efficiency by manipulating the pH environment of the cells. When injected into the mouse glioblastoma model, staurosporine is found to accumulate primarily in the tumor via fluorescence confirmation, and the mice did not suffer weight loss compared to the control mice administered with the free compound, an indicator of reduced toxicity. [11] [12]

The Academy of Finland has launched a funding trial to support particularly innovative and high-quality projects confirmed to involve promising risk-taking in terms of research. Out of the ten projects funded , three belong to the Faculty of Pharmacy. Leena Kontturi (Light triggered and pH sensitive liposomes with gold nanoparticles for posterior eye drug delivery), Yan-Ru Lou (Stem cell-derived, three-dimensional liver: the missing link in drug discovery) and Tapani Viitala (Real-time label-free cell based in vitro models for mechanistic understanding of emerging nanomedicines).

Thesis on indole derivatives

thesis on indole derivatives


thesis on indole derivativesthesis on indole derivativesthesis on indole derivativesthesis on indole derivatives